Spinning Logic #100 – Jason Havey

Spinning Logic #100 – Jason Havey

In my first solocast, I reflect on how I got to 100 and the previous 99 podcasts. With no plan of what I was going to discuss the podcast quickly goes into my philosophy on life, the universe and why optimism should reign. It essentially became a manifesto for my own spun logic. Thank you for everyone that has helped or listened to the podcast. I genuinely appreciate your support.

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Show Notes:

Spinning Logic 43 – Kelly Glover

Spinning Logic 99 – Christmas Abbott

Spinning Logic 98 – Christine Moran

Spinning Logic 01 – Larry Cenotto

Spinning Logic 79 – Wendy Williams

Spinning Logic – Heather Molina

• Spinning Logic 17 – Isaac Marrone

Spinning Logic 12 – Russ Dean

Spinning Logic – Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Playing God ( Radio Lab about Hurricane Katrina)

Singularity University

Peter Diamandis

Ray Kurzweil


Moore’s Law


Spinning Logic – Ryan Ferguson

Spinning Logic – Brian Boice

Spinning Logic – Brian Dickinson

Spinning Logic – Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Spinning Logic – Rabah Rahil (we may or may not have smoked the Devil’s Cabbage)


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