Spinning Logic #114 – Malaika Bishop

Spinning Logic #114 – Malaika Bishop

Malaika Bishop has been working to create sustainable food systems for over 20 years. She is now the Co-Director of the non-profit Sierra Harvest, which is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting families to fresh, local, and seasonal foods. In this podcast we discuss the truth about struggles of nutritional health and hunger in cities.


Connect with Malaika Bishop by going to her site Sierra Harvest or give her a call a 530-265-2343.

Show Notes:

Malaika – Miriam Makeba

Seeds of Peace

Springdale Farm Austin, TX



Farmers Get Biggest Subsidy Check in Decade as Prices Drop

Food and Farm Conference

Spinning Logic #113 – Bea Johnson

The Kitchen Community

Sierra Harvest

“Eating for Change”

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