Spinning Logic #116 – Dan Wilkinson

Spinning Logic #116 – Dan Wilkinson

Dan Wilkinson is a former Emirates flight attendant, award-winning social media strategist, photographer, blogger, speaker and host of the Hot & Delicious podcast. In this podcast we discuss his upcoming TV show, craft beer, the struggle to create content, his fantastic Instagram portfolio and exactly why you shouldn’t get out of your car in the middle of lion parks.

Guest: Connect with Dan Wilkinson by going to his site Hot N Delicious and on  @hotndelicious and @craftbeerlovin on Instagram.

Show Notes:

Spinning Logic #99 – Christmas Abbott

• Impostor syndrome

Wil Anderson

Spinning Logic #76 – Simone Anderson

1,000 True Fans



Kevin Sites

Peroni Brewery

Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden

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