Spinning Logic #120 – Heather Molina

Spinning Logic #120 – Heather Molina

Heather Molina extends her record as the most guest appearances with her 6th time on the show.  On this podcast we discuss her recent solo trip to Jordan, middle eastern culture, why airports are the worst AND in this short podcast we solve the myth of individuality, mystery of time, concept of reality, the limits of infinity and the question of the multiverse.

Guest: Connect with Heather Molina on her blog, On Common Ground.

Show Notes:

Spinning Logic 68 – Heather Molina

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• Gary Johnson Asks: ‘What Is Aleppo?’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


• Hardcore History 43-47 – Wrath of the Khans Series


Petra, Jordan

Sam Bowie

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