Spinning Logic #122 – Giles Harrison

Spinning Logic #122 – Giles Harrison

Giles Harrison is widely recognized as one of the leading celebrity photographers in the world. London Entertainment, the agency he built from the ground up, has grown into one of the biggest producers of professional images in the world, syndicating over 1000 images each month. In this podcast we discuss the goals and responsibilities of the paparazzi, how the business works, his new app that turns all of us into paparazzi and some of Giles more interesting stories while going after the perfect photo.

Guest: Connect with Giles Harrison by going to tmi.buzz, London Entertainment Group, and check out his app MoPho.

Show Notes:

• Prince Harry Party Girl Tells of the Naked Night: Report

• Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

• ‘SURVIVOR’ TRIAL BY FIRE Skupin a changed man

• Michael Phelps explains why he didn’t sue the guy who leaked bong photo





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