Spinning Logic #128 – Harry Campbell

Spinning Logic #128 – Harry Campbell

Harry Campbell is a former Aerospace Engineer and the fonder of TheRideShareguy.com dedicated to help people looking to start working as a rideshare professional and to help those already working in the industry to maximize profits. Harry has quickly established himself as one of the top rideshare experts with appearances in hundreds of top media publications and his site is trafficked by hundreds of thousands of visitors every month. Today Harry joins us to discuss the recent return of Uber and Lyft to my home base Austin Tx.

Guest: Connect with Harry Campbell by visiting his site Rideshareguy.com, following him on Twitter @TheRideshareGuy and on the Facebook.

Show Notes:

How Surge Works?


• Uber just made it way easier to see your rating in the app

• Uber and Lyft to leave Austin after losing vote on fingerprinting

• Why Uber Doesn’t Want a Built-In Tipping Option

• What is the most popular car for Uber drivers?

• A new video shows Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with a driver over fares

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