Spinning Logic #130 – Gray Bright

Spinning Logic #130 – Gray Bright

Gray Bright is a Robotic engineer by education, technology executive by day and talk show host by night. He has been involved the design, manufacture and launch of 1,500+ electronic hardware and software products. He is the host of his own late night talk show on Youtube called “The Tomorrow Show”. You can catch him live streaming every Wednesday night.

Guest: Connect with Gray Bright by visiting GrayBright.com, following him on the gram @GrayBright, the Twitters @GrayBright, LinkedIn, and the Facebook. Also you can sign up at robotglitch.com and be the first to know about Gray’s new media network.

Show Notes:



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What’s so special about Elon Musk?

Vsauce YouTube

Daytona USA

The DIY Engineer Who Built a Nuclear Reactor



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