Spinning Logic #140 – Dr. Martin Pepper

Spinning Logic #140 – Dr. Martin Pepper

Dr. Martin Pepper is a true renaissance man. He is a welder, masterdiver, photojournalist, videographer, researcher, and world traveler. He’s a Hall of Fame NCAA Swimming Champion from the University of Arizona where he received 4 degrees, and is now a lecturer in Geology and Earth Science. He was host of the History channel documentary, Atlantis Found, where he combined Geology with major historical events dating back to 1600 B.C to attempt to find the lost city of Atlantis. He was also a finalist on MythBusters: The Search. In this podcast we discuss how he has fallen backwards in life into increasingly incredible opportunities and what is next!


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Show Notes


Atlantis Found


Davis Attenborough’s Rise of the Animals


Atlantic Productions


SNL Land Shark Sketch


Zircon is the oldest thing on Earth


Mass Spectrometry


Mythbusters: The Search


Prof. Thomas Seyfried Spinning Logic Episode


Oxford Professor Denis Noble’s Spinning Logic Episode


National Lampoon’s Vacation Marty Moose scene

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