Spinning Logic #141 – James Poindexter

Spinning Logic #141 – James Poindexter

James Poindexter grew up in a shockingly abusive household until he was truly abandoned at the age of 10. After being passed around his family for a couple months he was placed in the dysfunctional foster care system. Despite these challenges, he was able to turn his life around to become a world champion martial artist. He now travels the world speaking about his experience defying the odds and overcoming life’s obstacles. He is also the author of Your Amazing Itty Bitty Foster and Adoptive Parent Guide- 15 Steps to Successfully Connect With Your Foster or Adoptive Teen”.


You can Connect with James Poindexter through his






Check out James’ book Your Amazing Itty Bitty Foster & Adoptive Parent Guide: 15 Key Steps to Successfully Connect With Your Foster Or Adopted Teen


  Show Notes

Itty Bitty Publishing

Foster Care

Upward Bound

Ninjutsu: The Secret Art of the Ninja

Ron Wilkerson Kung Fu

Raymond “the Real Deal” Daniels

10th Planet Austin TX

Eddie Bravo

Bang Muay Thai Austin TX

Duane “Bang” Ludwig

Onnit Invitational

James referenced this Henry Ford Quote


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