Spinning Logic #80 – Matt Marr

Spinning Logic #80 – Matt Marr

Matt Marr is a narrative therapist with a masters degree in clinical psychology. He is a successful comedian, actor and occasional opera singer. On top of all of that he is the host of the Dear Mattie show. Matt combines his psychology background, humor and ability to communicate to help others overcome resistance to live the life that they want. On this podcast we discuss the evolution of our thinking, commercial acting, stand up comedy, the psychology of resistance and finding ways to just let yourself be awesome.

Guest: Connect with Matt at DearMattieShow.com, Facebook, and the Gram. He also has a great YouTube Channel.

Show Notes:

•  Truth in Comedy: The Manual for Improvisation

•  Franklin Barbecue

•  Winstar World Casino & Resort

•  UNT Coffee Mug

•  The 6 Funniest Justin Timberlake Moments on Film

•  Jessica Rhodes – Rhodes to Success Podcast

 Shania Twain – Man! I feel like a woman

•  Matt Marr Youtube Channel

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