Spinning Logic #83 – Chip Lake

Spinning Logic #83 – Chip Lake

Chip Lake is a former Congressional Chief of Staff and Political Strategist. Currently he works with candidates and community organizations as the Principal Founder of Glendale Strategies, Inc. and Twin Oaks Connect. In this podcast we discuss the current political atmosphere, how Trump is affecting the Republican party, the opportunity for 3rd party candidates and the complex electoral college system. We also get deep into SuperPACs and campaign finance. This is a great podcast with Chip really helping us understand how this whole circus works from the inside.

Guest: Connect on Twitter @LakeChip and checkout his podcast Red Zone Sports Report.

Show Notes:

Contract with America

What is a Super PAC?

• Nearly $100 million in super PAC money couldn’t save Jeb Bush

Meet the Donors

Freedom Caucus

• Georgia GOP elector who balked on Donald Trump resigns

  • Packerken

    This was a great episode, I learned a ton.

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