Spinning Logic #84 – Lillian Bustle

Spinning Logic #84 – Lillian Bustle

Lillian Bustle is a burlesque performer, singer, public speaker and gleeful loudmouth about body love! She is also has done a Ted Talk and is the host of the Body Podcast. Covered in glitter and boas she hopes to help people of all shapes and sizes celebrate in their own skin. On the podcast we talk about body image, overcoming self doubt, addiction and bullying.

Guest: Connect with Lillian Bustle by visiting her website www.lillianbustle.com, subscribing to her podcast, The Body Poscast, and follow her on Twitter @LillianBustle and Instagram.

Show Notes:

• Stripping away negative body image | Lillian Bustle | TEDxJerseyCity

Food Pyramid

Body Mass Index

• The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle


Burlesque Hall of Fame


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