Spinning Logic #85 – Jordan Axani

Spinning Logic #85 – Jordan Axani

Jordan Axani went viral after he posted an online call-out for a companion to join him on a three-week, round-the-word trip, no strings attached. Only catch was that she needed to be named Elizabeth Gallagher. He had no idea his unusual mission would become “the most viral human interest story on record”. Jordan recaps this amazing story and where it has taken him since.

Guest: Connect with Jordan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Checkout his podcast, ImposterCast and visit yourbiglie.com.

Show Notes:

• Elizabeth Gallagher returns from world trip, but was there romance?

• ‘The Man With the Golden Voice’: Where Is Ted Williams Now?

The Malala Fund

• The problem with purpose | Jordan Axani | TEDxToronto


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