Spinning Logic #87 – Dan Cleland

Spinning Logic #87 – Dan Cleland

Dan Cleland is the owner of the Pulse Tours and the Ayahuasca Adventure Center in Peru. He is also a soon to be author, fellow future student at Singularity University and a friend. In this podcast we talk about his crowd funding campaign to get his book published, the DEAs new war on Kratom, a mission to Mars and his new venture into aquaponic farming!

Guest: Check Dan Cleland out by going to his site PulseTours.com, check out his first podcast Jungle Jam Podcast #1, and check out his upcoming book, Pulse of the Jungle.

Show Notes:

Quantum Entanglement

• Teleportation across Calgary

Book in a Box


Pulse of the Jungle

Aya Advisors



• The DEA wants to ban another plant. Researchers say the plan is ‘insane.’

The DEA’s Crazy Kratom Ban Dresses Pharmacological Phobia In Scientific Garb

The Overview Effect

The Pale Blue Dot

Jungle Jam Podcast #1

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