Spinning Logic #89 – David Huffman

Spinning Logic #89 – David Huffman

Dave Huffman is a good friend of mine. In this podcast we discuss how he handled his wife’s battle with cancer and how he valiantly took care of his family before and after her passing. We discuss getting re-married afterwards and how I tried to talk him out of it. We also chat about many lighter topics like dirty cities, why everyone from Florida is crazy, how amazing the The Villages retirement community is where he works.

Guest: Follow Dave Huffman on Instagram, @flushyourpoop.

Show Notes:

Bret Michaels

• The 31 Most Important Mullets That Ever Existed

• Bret Michaels Rushed to ICU with Brain Hemorrhage

• Huey Lewis and the News – Power of Love


The Villages

Oh, #Florida


Spinning Logic 46: Brian S. Bentley

Occam’s Razor

Eazy E was shot with AIDS (Suge Knight admits it)

1982 World Series

• Taboo word fluency and knowledge of slurs and general pejoratives: deconstructing the poverty-of-vocabulary myth



Headspace – Treat Your Head Right

• 11 and 12 year-old Venus & Serena Williams on Trans World Sport


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