Spinning Logic #124 – Antoine Lane

Spinning Logic #124 – Antoine Lane

Antoine Lane is veteran police officer of 20 years, professional speaker, the first ever black Grand Master Pistol Sharp Shooter and author of Sittin On Dyno-Might. In this podcast we talk about how he ascended to the highest level of sharp shooting. On this 25th anniversary of the L.A. riots we also dive deep into race relations and the relationship between the black community and the police.

Guest: Connect with Antoine Lane at his website TrainingLanes.comfollow him on the social medias: Facebook – TrainingLanesTwitter – @TrainingLane and check out his book Sittin on Dyno-Might.

Show Notes:

• What to Do When You Get Pulled Over by the Police

Sittin on Dyno-Might! How to Manage You for Success

“Perspective leads to action.”

• United States Practical Shooting Association

“You want to go fast, go by yourself. You want to go far, go with a team.”

“You have to give yourslef permission to be great.”

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